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In the event of an emergency maintenance issue occurring out of office hours please call the following numbers depending on the nature of the emergency:


07701 050269


0151 523 7243


Dial a lock 0151 255 0476 or 07973166784


Office 0151 909 2807 [email protected]

Fire alarm and emergency lighting issues:

Jackson Fire Liverpool - 0844 406 0796

Jackson Fire Wirral - 0844 371 1308

The above contact numbers are for use in EMERGENCY ONLY

For all non-emergency repairs please contact the office on 0151 242 0870 or email [email protected]

Tenants are reminded that they should only contact the contractors referred to above in the case of a genuine emergency . In the event that this is deemed not to be the case and the matter could have waited to be reported during normal working hours, then you may well be charged for the additional costs incurred. Tenants should inform the office on the next working day if they have made use of any of the emergency services by calling 0151 242 0870 or emailing [email protected]

Other useful Emergency Telephone numbers

GAS (British Gas) – 0800 111 999

WATER (North West Water) – 0845 746 2200

ELECTRICITY (Manweb) – 0845 272 2424

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