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Selective Licensing If you are a landlord with a property in Liverpool you must have registered each of your properties details and your personal details with Liverpool city council by the 1st April 2015.This is stage one of the process and although no fee is payable at this stage Liverpool city council have advised that failure to complete stage one by the 1st April 2015 could result in a penalty or fine. Once stage one has been completed the council will be in contact with each landlord to advise on how to complete stage two and when to pay the accompanying fees. We have received confirmation from Liverpool city council that the scheme is going ahead on the 1st April 2015 so we advise you not to delay in contacting us for assistance with submitting an application for licensing.

If your property is managed by marshall property we will complete this process on your behalf and it has also been confirmed that as marshall property are a licensed agent with the association of residential lettings agents (ARLA) our landlords will benefit from reduced license fees.

We have been working with the council to put together a co-regulation model which would mean any member of an approved lettings organisation such as ARLA would be eligible for discounted license fees. We have received confirmation from the Association of residential letting agents (ARLA) that ARLA will be signing up to Liverpool city councils co-regulation partnership once the details have been released.

regulation partnership once the details have been released. Licensing will be a legal requirement for all private rented properties in Liverpool on the 1st April 2015 and we are here to assist landlords in complying with this new law.

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